Wednesday, February 3, 2010

How to resize Multiple files in a batch, for uploading on Web

Many of my friends ask a common question even when they are already using Adobe Photoshop Elements and play very well with Layers, Adjustments, curves and all.

Today one of my friend called me again and said that "I want to upload some of my Photographs on facebook, tell me a good way of resizing all of them with simple steps. Also tell me what size is good for web..."

In response to above, I asked him if she uses Organizer for managing the files? She said no, I am on Mac and it comes with Bridge and tell me if there is something in Editor I can use.

So yes, she had an option in Editor through which she could resize her photographs. Even a lot of other things are possible in one go. Things like Watermarking, Renaming, Auto-Adjustments and file-type changes... All this is possible through "Process Multiple Files" dialog which can be invoked from File Menu.

But remember, you need to keep all the files in one folder for processing...

I will discuss more on same topic for users who manage their media files in Organizer or keep there files on different folders on Hard Drive...


1. Organizer : File >> Export to New File(s)
2. Editor ; File >> Process Mutlitple Files

Check out same space for more detailed information on these with pros and cons associated with different workflows...

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