Sunday, October 7, 2012

How to manually Tag People Faces in 11th version of Adobe Photoshop Elements || Face Tagging in Adobe Photoshop Elements 11

Today we saw this query on Adobe Forums.  One of the user figured out that people recognition faces and photographs are shown in People Room  but what about photographs where faces are not detected automatically and if users want to tag them with a particular People Face?

Of course there is a simple solution for it. Manual People Face Tagging is also allowed in Adobe Photoshop Elements 11. Here are two ways of doing it.

1. Double click on your photograph.
2. Now you see an option to 'Mark Face' > Click on it and proceed with your workflow.

What if you want to apply People Face Tag to multiple Photographs at same time?

1. Go to Media Room
2. On right side Panel, locate your People Keyword Tags
3. Simple drag n drop the tag you want to apply to multiple photographs in the middle of Element Organizer 11.

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Adobe Camera Raw 7.2 is available for Adobe Photosop Elements 11

Latest Adobe Camera Raw Update 7.2 is only available for 11th version of Adobe Photoshop Elements.

How to update Adobe Camera Raw 7.2 - go to Help Menu and check for updates and install.

If you have other version of Adobe Photoshop Elements - Use DNG convertor to use photographs shpt with latest cameras which have support in Adobe Camera Raw 7.2 only.

Check out - to have better understanding

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