Thursday, April 21, 2011

Photoshop Elements 9 Organizer’s preferences freezes at loading

Recently we have seen many folks discussing about some problems with Preferences dialog and sometimes it freezes on launch. Its discussed at various places but most of the times it not a consistent problem. Sometimes it takes time to recover and there is standard solution to get rid of preferences related problem. Here is the one and if you are facing such issue, try this :

1. Go to Start options of your windows

2. Click on Run option :

3. Run dialog will open

4. Type following instead of 'msconfig' as shown in dialog above:-

<%appdata%>/Adobe/Elements Organizer/9.0/Organizer/

5. It will launch a windows explorer

6. Locate psa.prf and status.dat files

7. Delete these two files

8. Relaunch Organizer now and try to open preferences.

Hope it solves your problem.

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