Thursday, August 16, 2012

There was an error opening up the Backup/Synchronization Preferences. Please close Preferences and try again. || Errors in sharing album to

Recently we saw problem in loading of Backup/Sync Preferences in Adobe Photoshop Elements. One of the users is getting following message on attempt of launching Backup/Sync preferences through CTRL+K or Edit Menu. - 'There was an error opening up the Backup/Synchronization Preferences. Please close Preferences and try again.'

This error was always encountered irrespective of Catalogs of Adobe Photoshop Elements.

So let me share the process that happens on launching Preferences, especially Backup/Sync Preferences. On launch, preferences dialog tries to fetch albums in Catalog and on Most of the times this error occurs in case Elements Organizer fails to fetch albums from There can be various reason for this, so typical process of narrowing it down is -

1. Try the same steps in fresh catalog. Ideally you should be able to see the problem there as well. If not, then it's something we need to work out together.

2. If above step creates problem in fresh Catalog as well, then check if you are able to load all albums on I mean, go to account and see if you are able to see all your albums there.

3. If you are facing problems with PSE as well as, then there can be some case of corruption in Albums.xml or some other malfunction. This is something you may want to raise with Adobe, but before that try steps mentioned at -

Saturday, August 4, 2012

How do you nuse Keyword Tags in Adobe Photoshop Elements || Efficient use of Keyword Tags to increase your visibility on Internet

Keyword Tags in Adobe Photoshop Elements have been used as organizing metaphor for a long time and slowly some of the users have identified the power of Keywords.

Appropriate keywords in JPEGs can be very useful for Photographers to increase their visibily on web. JPEGs can have these Keywords as Metadata and major search Engines like Google work well indentifying right images for search. And majorly these searches depend upon these keywords. E.g.- If we search for New York Photographs on Google, results will show photographs which have right keywords associated.

Now point is to understand the way to write these Keywords into the JPEGs. So here is a simple process -

1. Attach appropriate Keywords Tags to your Photograph.
2. Select this Photograph and Write Metedata through File Menu option.
3. Now export these photographs.

How to check if Keywords are added to exported JEPGs or not? - Import these JPEGs to a temporary catalog and then if it throws a dialog for importing Keyword-Tags then it shows that Keywords are there in JPEGs.

Now if we use such photographs on our Blogs or Websites, chances will increase for these to come in search results on Google.

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