Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Is 'Building Preview' in Album sharing irritating for you?

Today I realized that Album sharing by trying various gallery-templates in Elements Organizer can be very irritating, especially when you have multiple photographs in an Album. Because every time, we apply a template it takes lot of time to build preview and time increases with number of photographs/files you have.

On discussing with one of my other PSE friend, I got to know about a simple workflow which can save lot of time.

1. Pick 3-5 of main photographs from your Album and go to Album Creation workflow.

2. Experiment with various templates you have and decide on a final template.

3. Now add more photographs to your album and share it.

So if we look at this process, it will save lot of time while experimenting with sharing templates in Adobe Photoshop Elements Organizer.

Friday, July 6, 2012

Not able to locate your Custom-Bursh in Adobe Photoshop Elements?

I have a Photo-blog and long time back I had created a a brush to watermark my photographs before I put them online. Few days back that brush gone away from Adobe Photoshop Elements. I was wondering the reason for the same and the best guess I could make was - custom-brushes are swiped on loading new burshes which are downloaded from free online websites.

So best way to keep custom-brushes is to save them after creation. In Brush selection dialog, there is an option to shape any of the brush. So whenever you create a new custom-brush, please save it explicitly. So that in future, it can be reloaded again after some problems with custom-brushes in Adobe Photoshop Elements.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

"Define Brush" option under Edit Menu is always disabled in Adobe Photoshop Elements

Sometimes 'Define Brush' option under Edit menu of Editor (Adobe Photoshop Elements) remain disabled and at times, very irritating. 

Here is one of the main reasons for state being disabled - If any side of the image is more than 2500 pixels. So simple solution is to resize image to reduce each side (Width and Height) less than 2500 pixels. 

There is one another similar incident through which your defined brushes get lost. This happens when you load any new brush. So best way to avoid it is to save the Brush after you define them.

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