Wednesday, August 11, 2010

How do you see the photos that were Backed-up/Synchronized Automatically?

Today I checked a generic topic on Adobe forums where a User want to know how many files are synchronized form my catalog to In past we have discussed many things about Backup/Sync of Photoshop Elements but never thought of this basic requorement. Let me throw some light on alternatives to check which are files are synchronized, pending etc.

In Elements Organizer, there is an icon in status dialog which is known as Sync-Meter. Please see above figure to know about  Sync-Meter. When we click on Sync Meter in status dialog, a fly-out menu comes up with various options. Top section of this fly-out menu has three Options:

1. View Backed Up/Synchronized files
2. View not Backed up/Synchronized files
3. View files pending Backup/Synchronization

These three options apply some search in your catalog and show corresponding results in imagewell. So if we click "View Backed Up/Synchronized files", all backed-Up/Synced files will be shown in Organizer.


If we search for "View files pending Backup/Synchronization" all files which are pending will be shown with an icon with each file. Please see second figure.

Apart from knowing the status at file level, there is another way to know which album is pending for Sync. Third figure shows some icons in front of albums. This icon indicates that album has at least one file pending for Backup/Sync.

Please share your feedback about this post and let us know in case you have more queries regarding this behavior. 

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