Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Facing problem with my Contact List in Adobe Photoshop Elements

Here we are talking about the some generic mantras to resolve problems related to Contact-Book in Adobe Photoshop Elements Organizer. If you are not able to add contact to Contact-List in Organizer OR Contact-Book is not loading properly OR Organizer hangs on loading Contact-Books etc... Try out following things and share your findings with us :-

Here are few things we would recommend to do for resolving this particular issue:

1. Close Organizer
2. Please open "%allusersprofile%\Application Data\Adobe\Elements Organizer\Organizer\Settings" in windows explorer.
3. Locate 'contacts.xml' on your machine and rename it.
4. Re-launch Organizer and now try the same workflow.

Hope you would be able to continue with all your workflows related to Contact-book now. If still you are facing some problem, please try following and share your findings -

1. Log-out from Organizer
2. Create new catalog
3. Log-in with another account and try same thing.

Please do let us know about the results!

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