Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Few relevant Links for Adobe Photoshop Elements Users !!!

These links are randomly placed and the ordering here doesn't signify anything !!!

Adobe Photoshop Elements 9 (Win/Mac) : This website belongs to Barbara Brundage and here is how she introduce herself "Harpist, arranger, and music publisher, Barbara is also a Mac fan and the author of the Missing Manual books for Photoshop Elements. " : John is one of my favorite doctor for Adobe Photoshop Elements. Sometimes I wonder about the fact that how he can know so much about a software and from where did he find time to help other folks on Adobe Forums. I am great Fan of John !!! - also shares some nice tutorials on various Adobe products and Photoshop Elements is also one of them. - Here is the place to find updated HELP for Adobe Photoshop Elements. : Here is an interesting website which sometimes share tutorials for Photoshop Elements !

Finally, here is official page of Adobe Photoshop Elements where most of the details can be found :-

If you search on Google, there are lot many other links online but many of them either sell thier tutorials or magazines. I have tried to list few URLs which may be helpful in getting appropriate information about Adobe Photoshop Elements for Free !!! I will keep adding more Links here...

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