Friday, August 26, 2011

Not able to open more than one file in Adobe Photoshop Elements - Edtior

Recently an issue has been observed by folks who have upgraded to LION OS on Mac. When they try to open iPHOTO photographs in Editor, option for Opening the files gets disabled after opening one file. 

There are some workarounds to this problem and work well.

Here are some details -

1. Open iPhoto and drag any image from it to the PSE Editor icon on the doc.

2. Press Ctrl+O and from the open file dialog box drag the image into the PSE workspace when all other images are in floating windows mode.

3. Set PSE as an default editor in iPhoto and then open images from there.

4. Import images from Iphoto into the organizer . From the organizer open photes in PSE Editor.

Any of these workarounds should in this case. 

if you are facing this issue and trying any of these workarounds, please comment back to certify these.

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