Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Do you know about PSE8-Backup/Sync with www.photoshop.com?

Introduction to Backup/Sync in Photoshop Elements

Elements Organizer provides a facility to backup/Sync your media files like images, audio, videos to www.photoshop.com. This feature helps you synchronize all your PSE-Catalog Files/Albums with www.photoshop.com. Elements Organizer has an Engine which regularly checks for new changes in your catalog as well as online account. Whenever a user adds, edits any file/albums it’s automatically backed-up/synchronized to photoshop.com. If you edit a media file on your computer, it’s automatically synchronized with photoshop.com. Likewise if you edit media on Photoshop.com, the corresponding media files on your computer are updated with those edits. The edited version of the media file is downloaded and added in your catalog as a version-set of the original file. Similarly when you add or delete media files on your computer, Elements Organizer backs-up/synchronizes your albums and catalogs on to Photoshop.com server and vice versa. What do you want to know? What can be synchronized What cannot be synchronized Baisc requirements for backup/sync

What can be Synchronized between PSE and Photoshop.com

1. All Images, Camera-Raws, PSDs, Audios, Videos, PSE-files and PDFs.
2. Albums/Album-Categories/Tags
3. File Metadata
4. Files edited on Photoshop.com or PSE are automatically synchronized.
5. Only top file of a version-set is synchronized with Photoshop.com
6. All the Stack files are synced but shown individually on Photoshop.com
7. You can sync multiple computers with Photoshop.com.

What is not supported by PSE-Sync 

1. Slideshows are not synchronized
2. Version-set and Stack schemas are not supported on Photoshop.com
3. One Catalog can be synched with Photoshop.com at any point of time.
4. Album-Order is not synchronized.

Basic Requirements for Backup/Synchronization

1. Make sure you have an account on www.photoshop.com
2. You are signed in to your account through Photoshop Elements.

How to create an account on www.photoshop.com

1. Go to the www.photoshop.com and select ‘Join- get started’ OR
2. Directly select ‘Create New Adobe id’ from the Welcome Screen of Photoshop Elements
3. Provide the necessary information
4. Verify the account from your Email address
5. Sign-in to the account.

How to start Backup/Synchronization There are two ways for starting Backup/Sync for your catalog in Elements Organizer. To know more, check next tutorial for starting up and setting Sync-Preferences.

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  1. Its Windows only because PSE8 goes with Bridge on Mac which has no capability to Sync with www.photoshop.com


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