Monday, April 5, 2010

What is Catalog in Elements Organizer?

Most of Photoshop Elements Users know what Catalog is, but this post is more about details related to catalogs.

Catalog is a logical storage of your photographs, audio and video which helps in organizing media files in better way. In Organizer, we can create different catalogs. If I define it technically, its a database which keeps information about all your files, albums, tags  and their metadata etc. It keep all relationships and doesn't alter your media files unless they are explicitly changed through Editor, Photoshop or quick-fixes in Organizer.

We can have multiple Catalogs for different purposes. Many times people prefer to have single catalog and organize different genres of photographs using Albums/Tags.

I will be sharing more about Catalog Operations like creation, repairing, deletion, merging soon..

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  1. Here is an interesting discussion around Catalogs in Adobe Photoshop Elements -


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