Sunday, June 13, 2010

Why Menu Items disapear in Organizer of Adobe Photoshop Elements : Hight DPI Problem

Sometimes Menu-Bar (File, Edit, Find, View, Window, Help) in Organizer disappear.

In this state ">>" is shown on title bar of Organizer and whole list of Menu items is shown on clicking this. It happens on some abnormal DPI values, I guess DPI greater than 96.

How to Resolve:

1. Go to Preferences and switch to System Fonts

2. If it doesn't work, change DPI value to 96 and problem should go away.

How to Change DPI:

Start > Control Panel > Display OR
Start > Settings > Control Panel > Display >> Click Settings > Advanced.

Vista: Windows
Start > Control Panel > Personalization > Adjust Font Size (DPI).

Windows 7:  

Start > Control Panel > Display.
Then Click on 'Set Custom Text Size (DPI)' on the left side options.

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