Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Organizer is very sluggish or slow in Adobe Photoshop Elements

Hi Friends,

As you know that Organizer provide very rich functionalities for organizing our photographs, videos and audio files. Since it keeps record of huge metadata and operations over the years, there can be a possibility of some performance degradation which can be handled/avoided many ways...

I always recommend Catalog Repair time to time, which will avoid any technical anomalies in your catalog. If you have been using single catalog for a long time and upgraded from various versions of Photoshop elements, I would recommend to create one another and make it a habit to have different catalogs for various events you hoot... Its completely my personal opinion for better management.. I create one catalog in an year and since I shoot lot of raw photographs, sometimes I need to create many catalogs depending upon the need...

If you are currently seeing some performance hit then of course you need some corrective action rater than preventive activities which we discussed above... Here are few thing which may help you :

Organizer preferences delete:

We would suggest you to follow the steps mentioned below:

1.       Exit Elements Organizer and Photoshop Elements Editor.
2.       Browse to the location ->  C:\Users\\AppData\Roaming\Adobe\Elements Organizer\9.0\Organizer and delete the files “Status.dat” and “psa.prf”.
3.       Re- launch Elements Organizer.

Further, Please follow the steps mentioned below:

Auto Analyzer Turn OFF

a)       Launch Elements Organizer
b)      Go to Edit > Preferences
c)       Click Auto Analyzer Options. De-select “Analyze all media in Catalog Automatically” and “Recognize People Automatically” options.

I know many people have done many experiments around this topic and would want to know about those... So I will keep updating this post regularly. Please comment back in case some other method better worked for you !!!


  1. " I create one catalog in an year"

    But how do you search for a subject in your entire collection? Searching every catalog apart or do you have another trick?

    Greetingd from Holland.


  2. hmm, good question !!!

    I hardly get time to look at old pics as I have always a new set of photographs every alternate week :)

    But you are right. I feel a need of Catalog for Catalogs now !


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