Thursday, April 5, 2012

Are you confused with number of DVDs you get with pack of Adobe Photoshop Elements?

Many times, folks ask me about the DVDs they get on buying a licensed copy of Adobe Photoshop Elements. Recently the frequency of questions has raised significantly after launch of Adobe Photoshop Elements 10.0 and we thought of sharing few basic things about Software Pack of Adobe Photoshop Elements.

So whenever you buy Adobe Photoshop Elements from ,, CSTCO or any other source, you get box. In this Box mainly you get Software DVDs and serial details. In every box you get Adobe Photoshop Elements and an additional video editing software called Adobe Premier Elements. Which means you get Adobe Photoshop Elements, Adobe Premier Elements and a content DVD for Adobe Premier Elements. Now with Adobe Photoshop Elements 10, we are more DVDs which includes additional 64-bit software of Adobe Premier Elements and 64-bit Content DVD. 

Adobe Premier Elements is provided by Adobe as trial, as you get serial number only for Adobe Photoshop Elements, unless you buy the discounted bundle of Adobe Photoshop Elements + Adobe Premier Elements. 

So if you are not interested in Adobe Premier Elements, simply use PSE DVD and install it, by forgetting about other DVDs in your box.

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