Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Is Adobe Photoshop Elements crashing on launch/Start-up || Organizer is crashing on launch/start-up || Editor is crashing on launch/start-up

For Crash problem for Organizer :
A. Launch the catalog manager dialog box before launching organizer.
For this follow the steps-
1. Click on 'Adobe Photoshop Elements 10.0' icon on desktop.
2. Hold the 'shift' key from your keyboard and click on 'organizer' tab in welcome screen.
3. Catalog manager dialog box will be launched. Create a new catalog. Probably Organizer will be launched.
4. If so, click 'catalog' under 'file menu' Select your catalog (with which organizer was crashing) and click on 'repair' button. Click on 're index visual similarity data' and click on 'ok' button. After this click on 'optimize' button.
5. Select the catalog and click on 'open' button.

B. If crash continues then you have to create a new catalog.
For Crash problem for Editor
 Delete Preferences: Try to launch Editor and keep pressing - Ctrl+Alt+Shift’. It will show an option to delete preferences and then try to relaunch again.

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