Monday, July 4, 2011

Never use Export functionlity of Elements organizer if you want to export JPEGs out of RAW files after Edting in Photoshop or Elements Editor !!!

I have been using Adobe Photoshop Elements for long time and always shoot in Raw formats... My usual workflow is to download and import through Adobe Photo Downloader... delete unwanted photographs, add appropriate tags to photographs and make sensible albums... Then I star rate photographs and start processing them in Photoshop CS5... when done the final step comes, when I export all the processed photographs from organizer into JPEGs... After exporting JPEGs I used to share these photographs on my blog... Many times my friends complaints about the dullness, but somehow I never thought about it... 

Few months back I came from a night photo-shoot with lot of street lights in the photographs... Processed these photographs in Photoshop and had used sharpness in Adobe Camera Raw dialog to get nice effect of street lights which were shot from a very long distance.... When I exported the JPEGs, all the charm was gone of these photographs and there was no sharpness at all !!! Then I realized the problem with Export option in organizer. Now I save the JPEGs in Photoshop or Editor only and keep them in version-sets...

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