Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Backup/Sync Performance in PSE7 and PSE8


Few days back I read following statement somewhere and want to share few things in this regard.

Backup/sync agent starting slowly without any indication that it is running and will start synching soon. Is there any definite time for  Sync Operations?

-         Sync is comparatively slow in PSE7 and one should ensure that 7.0.3 update is applied, which can improve overall performance of Backup/Sync.

-          There is minimal feedback about Sync activities in PSE7 and this has been improved in PSE8 by adding Sync-Status dialog, which gives live feedback about Synchronization progress.

-          It will be difficult to set expectations in terms of definite time for Synchronization because there are different things involved here. I would like to share some information about synchronization process:

§         When you activate Sync in your catalog, it starts working with your local catalog database and to calculate what all needs to be synced. So here come different variables which may lead to longer time for this calculation. Now lets see what all variables are involved in this:
·         How big is your account? More files/albums/tags you have in your account, it will take more time but not every time. It takes maximum time when you start Sync or you restart SyncAgent.

·         Internet connection
·         Availability of Catalog Database (Is catalog free or in-use by other processes like Face Recognition, Auto-Analysis etc.
·         Few other exceptions when Server is busy etc...

-          Backup/Sync in PSE8:

o       When Sync-Engine does initial calculations for identifying changes to be synchronized, it shows the state as "Initializing..." in Sync Status Dialog.
o       “Initializing…” state takes more time as we start Sync first time on a machine or after machine-restart.
o       File-Size and Server-Health are important factors for Upload performance. 

I hope above information will give some sense of Sync-processing in PSE7 and PSE8 w.r.t. performance and feedback.

Few days back I read following statement somewhere and want to share few things in this regard.

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