Friday, December 16, 2011

Organizer don't open || Organizer quits unexpectedly || Not able to use Organizer in Adobe Photoshop Elements

We have been seeing various problems where Organizer is quitting unexpectedly whether we open it from Welcome Screen or Editor. Many forum topics have mentioned this and recently one of engineers from Adobe has shared a solution at, which has worked for many folks. So we thought of sharing this for users of this blog if you face something like this future. 

This problem has a very simple solution.

1.  Go to  <root>/Library/Application Support/Adobe/Elements Oganizer/9.0/Organizer.

2. Locate
contacts.xml file present at mentioned location.

3. Rename this contact.xml.

4. Relaunch the Organizer after renaming this file. 

Hope you would be able to Organizer after these. Please do leave comments if you have a similar problem and still not able to resolve.

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