Thursday, July 7, 2011

Photoshop Elements - Editor freezes while using Out of Bounds on Win7

Recently I was reading one thread on Adobe Forums where one user was facing some issue while using Out of Bounds feature on Windows-7. Editor used to freeze on clicking 'Add a Frame' option in guided workflow of Out of Bounds. 

I like the fact on User forums that folks sincerely help each other and one of the user actually searched for the solution on Forum and shared... Which ultimately worked !!! 

Here is the suggested workaround which worked for resolving this problem :-

1. Go to Control Panel of your Windows7
2. Then go to Appearance & Personalisation
3. Choose 'Change Theme'. 
4  Then change the theme to 'Windows 7 Basic'.  
5. Go back to PSE 9 and try again.

For more details about this discussion, check out - 

 If you are also facing this and tried this solution. Please share your experience through comment or post on forum, so that other folks get to know about relevant things around the same.

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