Tuesday, March 20, 2012

"Adobe Air: This installation of the application is damaged, try re-installing or contacting the publisher for assistance" - How to resolve this problem of Elements Inspiration Browser

If you are facing above mentioned error while an attempt to see tutorials in Adobe Elements Inspiration Browser or there is something related to installation of Elements Inspiration Browser. then follow below mentioned steps to resolve this -

1. Close Photoshop Elements and make sure that Premiere Elements is also closed if that is also installed on your computer. 

2. If you are on Windows XP computer go to Start Menu of your computer and then opt for Control Panel. In Control Panel, select Add or Remove programs. If it's not Windows-XP, directly go to next step mentioned below.
3. For Windows Vista Computers, Select Start Menu and opt for Control Panel. Here open Program Center from where we do uninstallations.

4. Select Adobe AIR and click Remove for uninstalling it.
5. Select Adobe Photoshop.com Inspiration Browser (or Photoshopdotcominspirationbrowser) and click Remove.

6. Launch Photoshop Elements or Premiere Elements and click on Tutorials.

7. When prompted to install Inspiration Browser, click Yes and follow the instructions mentioned.

    When finished, go back to the Photoshop Elements OR Premiere Elements splash screen and click Tutorials to launch the inspiration Browser.

Hope this works for you and we encourage you to comment back with relevant experiences.

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