Sunday, March 18, 2012

How to enhance tones of Black and White Photograph in Adobe Photoshop Elements

Do you shoot in Black and Whites OR having some Black & White Photographs? Processing Black and White photographs is completely different from what we do with Colorful photographs. It becomes more challenging when we shoot in Black & White by loosing all color details in beginning...

The very first thing for processing Black & White photographs is using Levels. Levels are one of the best tools to adjust different tone of Blacks, Whites and Greys in a Black & White Photograph. There are various workflows available in Adobe Photoshop Elements to adjust Levels in a Photograph. The best way of doing it is Adjustment layer. So just play with Levels on your Black and White Photograph, for now !!!

Yu may want to check following to know more about Levels in Adobe Photoshop Elements -

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