Friday, December 9, 2011

PSE-Organizer hangs on on clicking 'Browse' button in APD (Adobe Photo Downloader) || MAC

With recent update of Adobe Camera Raw, some of the folks are facing a problem on MAC machines having 9th version of Adobe Photoshop Elements. It happens with folks, who use Adobe Photo Downloader to download and import files into Elements Organizer. This is happening with people who have updated to Adobe Camera Raw 6.5. Let's know about the exact problem that is happening as of now -

Problem -  Elements Organizer hangs on clicking Browse button in Adobe Photo Downloader and it happens with applications having ACR 6.5 on MAc machines.

How to Resolve this -

Before we move on to resolution, let's know about the cause and how can be avoid it. Here are some conditions to be true to occurring the problem -

1. ACR Updated to 6.5 (Ask a question from yourself, if you really need this update? If you have a camera which is supported in ACR 6.4, there is no need of upgrading to ACR 6.5)

2. Always change the path of downloading files from Camera/Card-Reader to Hard-Drive. (If you always download to same location, you will not face the problem. If you change, then look at following link for resolution -

This problem should not be painful if handled smartly. Please free to ask more questions around the same.

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