Thursday, May 10, 2012

Understanding Color Management and It's relevance in Adobe Photoshop Elements PART-2 || Understanding sRGB and AdobeRGB Color-Spaces

After discussing about Color Spaces and Color Gamuts, today we are going to focus on sRGB and AdobeRGB.

Usually SRGB is default Coor Space selected in most of the Cameras we use. Some of the cameras may offer variations of the sRGB color space, such as Vivid Color.

We can probably set our camera to the Adobe RGB color space. As mentioned, this color space has more colors (in generic terms). But, photographs using AdobeRGB may not display properly on your monitor and some labs may not be able to use AdobeRGB for printing.

If you decide to use AdobeRGB, you must use the AdobeRGB color space throughout your photography system.To know more about sRGB and AdobeRGB, check out -

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