Thursday, May 3, 2012

Why there is an Exclamation Mark in bottom-right of my Adobe Camera Raw Dialog of Adobe Photoshop Elements 10.0 || Process Version in ACR 6.7

Are you seeing an Exclamation Mark (!) in Adobe Camera Raw Dialog of Photoshop Elements 10.0. Actually you must be seeing it for some of the photographs after updating Adobe Camera Raw version 6.7. This version for Photoshop Elements comes up various Process-Versions supported. 

So if you open a photograph which is already processed with Lightroom4 or Photoshop CS6, it will show an exclamation mark in the bottom. Tooltip is shown as we move mouse on top of this exclamation mark. On clicking on Exclamation, Process Version will change to PV2010 and controls will be shown, which we have been seeing so far.

Exclamation is basically shown when file is opened in Process-Version other than PV2010, which means in case of PV2003 & PV2012. 

When PV2012 is selected, some of the basic sliders will not be shown like -

Other way to switch to default Process-version(2010) is by clicking the button shown in highlighted area above.

Hope this article will help in understanding some part of this behavior and please feel free to comment back with your specific questions.

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