Thursday, April 29, 2010

Have you encountered : " Services require an update to Photoshop Elements...."


As mentioned in last post, Adobe has released a new patch for PSE7 to improve overall performance of Services and some Security Fixes. Now onwards if you don't apply the latest patch, services will not be available and you will see a message following message on launching Welcome Screen:

" Services require an update to Photoshop Elements. Please update Elements using the Adobe Update Menager () or by checking the Adobe website at"

There is an "Update" button in this message dialog which takes you to a web-page having a downloadable zip file with 7.0.3 patch. Just go on with this and your PSE should be back with all Services.

NOTE: When you apply the patch through Patcher.exe make sure that Welcome Screen OR Organizer OR Editor is not launched at that point of time...

Write back in case you have some other information about this update...

A useful link :

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