Wednesday, January 13, 2010

How to check Live Backup/Synchronization Status in Adobe Photoshop Elements 8?

How to check Backup/Synchronization Status 
View the live status of the Sync Activity through the backup/sync status dialog box. Launch it through the sync iconin the windows status bar or the organizer status bar.

 From where we can launch Backup/Sync Status Dialog:

1. By Double Clicking Sync Icon in System Tray :

2. By selecting appropriate option in Sync-Meter :
3. By Double Clicking Sync-Pending Icon for Albums:

The Status Dialog facilitates the following:

1. See the current state of backup/synchronization for active Catalog.

The status bar gives a clear perspective of the rate at which backup is taking place. Thumbnail of the file being synchronized currently is also shown along with the file name and the file size.

2. Pause or resume backup/sync
You can pause the sync temporarily using the ‘Pause’ button. It can be later started again using the ‘Resume’ button.

3. Start the next backup/synchronization cycle when the backup/synchronization-agent is idle using ‘Sync Now’ button

4. Space bar for approximate space used

The status dialog box has a space bar shown at its top. This shows the amount of online space used compared to the free space available.

5. Active Catalog name

The name of the catalog that is being backed-up is shown in the status dialog box to the right of the space bar.

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