Wednesday, January 6, 2010

How a new user can start Syncing his Catalog in Elemenets Organizer???

There are different ways of Starting Sync for a particular Catalog and here we are going to discuss one of the method which talks about Starting Sync through Preferences Dialog.

Here are the steps to Follow:

1. Sign in with your Adobe ID and Launch Backup/Sync Preferences. There are two methods to launch Sync-Preferences:
a. Click Elements Organizer Backup/Sync icon in Status-bar and select ‘Open Backup/Sync Preferences’. See image below to get an idea.

b. You can also click “Edit> Preferences > Backup/Synchronization…” to access the Backup/Sync  Preferences dialog box. See image below to get an idea.

In the Backup/Sync Preferences dialog box, select ‘Backup/Sync is ON’.

2. Set the Backup/Sync options.

3. Expand ‘Advanced Backup/Sync options’ to enable or disable the advanced options. For more on advanced preferences details Click Here.

4. Select the albums you want to sync. If you want to include all the files in the catalog for Backup/Sync, select the option beside ‘Media not in Any Album’.

5. The bar in the upper right area of the dialog box shows the ‘Estimated Online Space Used’ as you Backup/Sync your files. The estimated space includes the estimated space for the media files pending for Backup/Sync.

Note: If you reach the allotted storage limit, you can click ‘Upgrade Membership’ to purchase more storage space on

6. Click OK.

7. Elements Organizer continues to automatically sync media files on your computer and online account until you stop Backup/Sync manually.

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