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How Backup-Sync Works in Adobe Photoshop Elements 8.0

 How Backup-Sync Works in Adobe Photoshop Elements 8.0

 Only one catalog can be marked for sync at one time At any particular instant, only one catalog can be marked for sync. When you switch from a catalog that was marked for sync to a new catalog then a warning is appears as shown in mage below. The previous catalog continues to be synced until you change the Sync preferences to either turn off sync or mark another catalog for sync. 

 Catalog Switching: How to mark a different catalog for Sync

1. Open the catalog you want to sync: Launch the catalog manager. You will see the following message:

 Click ok. Then you can choose to create a new catalog or select an existing catalog from the list of catalogs shown in catalog manager dialog box.

2. Launch Sync Preferences: To configure the new catalog for Sync, launch Sync Preferences. A message will appear that tells you that the previous catalog will stop being synced if you choose to sync the new catalog. The full message is shown in image below:

Select Backup/Sync this catalog and proceed to next step.

3. Set your preferences for the new catalog:  

Specify your preferences for Sync in the Sync preferences dialog box and press ok. Now you have turned off sync for the previous catalog and configured the present catalog for sync.

Backup/Sync preferences are catalog specific  

Say in one catalog ‘x’ you change the default advanced settings or the settings of which albums or media are to be synced. Now if you switch to another catalog say ‘y’ then the Sync preferences for the new catalog ‘y’ will again be the default settings until you change them. Return back to the previous catalog ‘x’, the settings will be same as those set by you previously.

Selected albums can be synced in a particular catalog  

A tabular representation of the Albums on the Desktop Organizer and the Album on is displayed in Sync preferences. This table also includes the column Sync. If you want to synchronize an album, select the option beside the album name. The image of Preferences dialog box shown below highlights the 3 fields available in the table. These are:
1. Desktop Organizer
2. Sync
3. My Photos on

 Also when creating a new album you can either mark on or mark off sync for that album using the backup/sync checkbox that is shown in the album details pane.

How to sync entire catalog (whole catalog including all albums and loose files with and other machines)  

In the backup/sync preferences dialog box, choose the ‘Backup/Sync Entire Catalog’ option to synchronize all the albums and loose media available in the catalog.

File Changes and Metadata changes Synchronization 

 Backup/sync propagates any file edit/delete changes made on your computer to the online account and vice versa. Likewise changes made to the metadata for example star rating; tags, captions, etc. are also propagated both ways.

Behavior of Stacks/Version sets  

As a rule, the top element of the version set is synced by default. Any other element in the version set can be synced by setting it as the top element of the version set.

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