Monday, January 4, 2010

What is offered in Adobe Photoshop Elements 8.0?

Here are few main things which are considered as main Features/Enhancements in Elements 8.0 as compared to earlier Versions: 

1. Get the best Exposure when you have extreme lighting conditions (Exteremely Highlighted + extremely dark areas):

What to do when you shoot, if you Want to capture all the details in a scene that includes extremely light as well as dark areas?

2. Recompose/Resize Photos without distortion.

When you want to change the size/orientation of a photograph to fit a certain frame-size? Now you can quickly resize without distorting main subjects like people/objects/buildings etc. Even we cancreate landscapes out of portraits and vice-versa.

3. View your Photographs and Videos on different machines at different places with Automatic Sync:

Now you need not to maintain your photos and video-clips manually across multiple computers. Now Elemenets Organizer has great capability of automatic syncing. Now any new addition or Edting on one machine is automatically synchronized to other machines you have marked for Sync.

4. Manage everything from one convenient place, which is common Elements Organizer:

Bring all your photos and videos together in common Elements Organizer which is more powerful hub for your photo/video experience. Itis very easy to search/find, view, manage and protect your media. There is a huge range of creative activities to enjoy with your memories. Also there is lot of cool stuff for Plus Users of

5. Enhanced Compare/Review Modes with very good display templates:

Organizer with new full-screen previews give you capability of quickly editing your photographs while viewing them.

6. Quickly find your best photographs/Videos with Auto-Analyzer in Elements-Organizer:

Now you need not to double-click through hundreds of shots to find the good ones. Take advantage of the Auto-Analyzer in Elements Organizer, which automatically tags your media so that you can easily find your most interesting, good quality photographs and videos.

7. Brand new Feature of People Recognition in PSE8:

People recognition feature has been introduces in 8th version of Photoshop Elements. Its a part of Elements Organizer which helps you identifying different faces in your Photographs and tagging appropriately.

8. Has new Artwork and Templates for printed creations:

You can gain more n more with increamental additions of templates by getting a Plus Membership.

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