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Understanding Backup/Sync Preferences in Detail...

Understanding Backup/Sync Preferences in Detail...

Backup/Synchronization Preferences in detail The options in the Backup/Sync Preferences dialog are detailed below :

“Backup/Sync is On” Select this option to start Backup/Sync for the current catalog.

***Only one catalog can be backed up at a given time.

If you want to backup another catalog follow the steps mentioned below:
1. Open Catalog Manager from File > Catalog…
2. Open the catalog you want to mark for Sync through Catalog Manager.
3. Launch Sync/Backup Preferences and mark that catalog for Sync by clicking “Synchronize this Catalog”.

Note: A bar shows the online space used, estimated space for the media files that are to be backup/synchronized, and the available space. Click ‘Upgrade Membership’ to upgrade your account. If you have already upgraded your account and want to buy more space, click the option ‘Buy More Space’.

Advanced Backup/Sync Options displays the following options: 


- New Albums will Backup/Sync Automatically: 

This option is selected by default. If you select this option, new albums you create in PSE/ will be backed up/synchronized automatically. If this option is not selected and you want to backup/synchronize an album created online or on your computer, then mark that for Backup/Synchronization manually.

- When I Delete A File Online, Ask Before Deleting It From My Computer:

This option is selected by default. Select this option to ensure that deleting a file online does not automatically delete the equivalent file from your Catalog. Selecting this option waits for your confirmation before deleting the file from your Catalog.

Note: If you delete a media file from a catalog, it is automatically deleted from

- Resolve Backup/Sync Conflicts Automatically:

This option is not selected by default. Selecting this option will automatically resolve conflicts by synchronizing recent change. By disabling this option, you decide the media file you want to retain and resolve the conflict. For more information about Resolving conflicts, see Resolve conflicts Section. To know more about Conflicts in Sync check another tutorial on “Conflict Resolution in Backup-Sync”

- File Types:

Lists the file types that can be synchronized. Select the files types you want to synchronize. The file types displayed here are: Photos, Videos, Audio, PDFs, and Creations such as Photo Book or Greeting card. All the options are selected by default. If you deselect one of the file types for example, Videos, all video files are excluded from backup/synchronization.

- Restrict Backup/Sync to files smaller than this option is not selected by default. Select this option and specify the maximum file size for the media files that are to be backup/Synced.

- Folder For Downloaded Files:

You can specify the folder for Downloaded files.

- A tabular representation of the media files on the Desktop Organizer and the media on is displayed. This table also includes the column Sync. If you want to synchronize an album, select the option beside the album name. If you want to include all the files in the catalog for Backup select the option beside “Media Not In Any Album”. Click ‘Backup/Sync Entire Catalog’ to synchronize the entire catalog.

Click ‘Restore Default Settings’ to restore the default settings.

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