Thursday, January 14, 2010

How Backup/Sync helps when your files are missing from hard-drive due to some reason? (Reconnect missing files from

Reconnect missing files from

It’s an extended benefit of Backup/Sync in Elements Organizer. As you are aware that Reconnect dialog in Elements Organizer helps in locating missing files. So if any of your file get missed from your hard-drive which was Synchronized to, that can be reconnected form online version.
Elements organizer catalog reports a file as ‘missing’ with a symbol if the location of the original file is changed or the original file has been deleted from desktop. It then prompts you to ‘reconnect’ the missing files to be able to view them in the catalog. Quite often automatic reconnect, browsing or choosing close matches helps. But in case the file has been lost from the desktop beyond recovery then Backup/Sync comes handy. If you have used this feature to create an online backup for your files then there is nothing to worry about. You can easily recover the missing files by choosing the ‘Check Online’option. Image below highlights the same. Choosing it will search the missing file in your account and reconnect them. Here lies the greatest advantage of Backup/Sync feature.It is always recommended to Sync your albums and photos in order to safeguard them from accidental deletes by maintaining an online backup.

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